Hardy Leads USC to Win

.Hungry. Charles Hardy led a squad of five USC eaters to victory in the first-ever Carl.s Jr. Low-Carb Six Dollar Burger-Eating Contest, topping the Sonya Thomas-led UCLA team in overtime.

Many believe that the event, held on the eve of the highly anticipated UCLA-USC Men.s Basketball Game at Pauley Pavilion, forecasts the victor in the heated basketball rivalry.

Hardy and Thomas both consumed a total of seven of the new Carl.s Jr. low-carb burgers. However, at the end of the 10-minute regulation it was a tie between the two eating teams. A two-minute overtime was all USC needed to squeak out a win.

Sonya Thomas, winner of the Hardee'sŪ Thickburger. Eating Contest at last year's "Burger Fest" in Seymour, WI, was chosen as captain of the UCLA eating team based on her phenomenal rise in the rankings this past year. However, eating veteran "Hungry. Charles, who holds the world shrimp cocktail and cabbage eating titles, was apparently able to leverage his leadership skills, guiding his team to victory.

The Carl.s Jr. Low-Carb Six Dollar Burger is a freshly prepared hamburger wrapped in lettuce. The eating contest was held as part of a pep rally in Los Angeles at the UCLA Campus.