Road Report: Pittsburgh Nathan's Famous at Sam's Club

Juliet Lee downed 29 Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs and Buns to win the Pittsburgh Sam's Club qualifier and entry into the 2008 Nathan's Famous International July 4th Hot Dog Eating Championship.

In second place was Buffalo Jim Reeves with 19 3/4 HDBs and there was a tie for third with Steakbellie and Big Brian Subich both downing 17. Mike Landrich put up a noble effort, but with Juliet swallowing two at a time, it was clear nobody would touch her brilliance. Discoe Iskoe brought much spirit -- along with a mom who served honorably as bunnette -- but failed to down more than seven dogs.

The event also kicked off the 'Have a Heart, Return Your Cart' campaign, an initiative aimed at alleviating the stress cart haulers face when required to roam the parking lot gathering errant carts and flatbeds.