Booker Takes Matzo Ball

Eric Badlands Booker rapped his way to a repeat victory at Ben's Annual Charity Matzo Ball Eating Contest, consuming 20 1/4 matzo balls in 5 minutes 25 seconds.

However, Booker was pushed throughout the contest by Don Moses Lerman, a former champion who ate 16 1/2 matzo balls this year to place second. The nattily dressed Lerman ate English style, quartering his matzo balls before downing them.

An amazing performance was turned in by Scott Soifer, who ate 12 3/4 while Allan Goldstein proved his protege status by downing 10 1/4. Crazy Legs Conti bulled his way through 10 balls even, edging out Beautiful Brian, who finished the day with 9 3/4.

The contest served as a platform for Booker's incredible skill and capacity. The linguistic warrior knocked out a few lines to wow the crowd and loosen his throat before diving into four-plus bowls of matzo balls.

Former champ Bruce Stock hosted the event, providing eating insight, while Krazy Kevin Lipsitz acted as judge. Cookie Jarvis even made an appearance to cheer on friends and slurp down a practice round for some media.