Joey Wins, Pat Second, Gentleman Impresses

Joseph “Jaws” Chestnut defended his title and his number one ranking today, winning Wing Bowl for the third consecutive year. He ate a staggering total of 241 chicken wings in a half hour, fourteen more than Patrick Bertoletti. Fan favorite Bill “El Wingador” Simmons, the only other gurgitator to three-peat at Wing Bowl, took third with 205 wings.

There was widespread concern that the excitable Philly fans would start a riot upon the announcement of Joey’s victory, but George Shea noted that most of them were too drunk to notice.

Brad Sciullo shocked the Wachovia Center after the first round with a second place finish, only to get disqualified in the following round for “snotting a wing.”

Dave "US Male" Goldstein placed 4th, and future star Gentleman Jerry came in 5th.

Chestnut wins a Toyota Tundra, a 2008 Black 883 Sportster motorcycle, and a championship ring.

MLE was well-represented in Philly by Chestnut, Bertoletti, US Male, Wing Kong, Humble Bob, Big Brian, Brad Sciullo, Dr. Bigtime, Steakbellie, and Wing King.