Deep Dish Giveth

Who can forget the day that the Grinch’s small heart grew three sizes, when all the Who’s in Whoville were so impressed that they let him carve the Roast Beast? Who doesn’t remember the day The Peanuts told their favorite friend, “You’re a good man, Charlie Brown!”

Well, now it’s time for all the gustatory gladiators in Major League Eating to doff their hats to young Patrick “Battle of the” Bertoletti, who declared today that he would like to donate $1,000 of his competitive eating winnings to the MLEgives program.

Indeed, Major League Eating has been in the giving spirit. Tim “Eater X” Janus recently finished off a Thanksgiving dinner for 10 in just 15 minutes, to draw attention to New York City’s hungry. His Thanksgiving stunt served as a platform for a $10,000 donation from MLE to Food Bank For New York City, which will provide 30,000 meals to those affected by hunger. (Witnesses claim that a pilgrim and a rather stolid Native American emceed the event, but these claims are as yet unconfirmed.) This donation kicks off a $100,000 MLE hunger charity fundraising campaign that will gather donations from MLE members, sponsors and fans.

In the past, hot dog champ Joey Chestnut and sweet corn champ Crazy Legs Conti have both contributed to MLE charitable efforts. But as the holiday spirit emerges, making hearts and stomachs alike grow, many hope that more gurgitators will follow the lead of their magnanimous brethren.