Eaters Assemble for WIP WB XII

During the past several weeks the competitive eating community has eagerly followed the qualifying process for the upcoming 610 WIP Wing Bowl XII to be held in at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia on January 30.

As the field begins to take shape it has become increasingly clear that the event is too close to handicap. Reigning champion Bill Simmons is a veteran of the contest and is known for capacity in long-distance events. He is a remarkably clean eater who strips the wings down to bone -- and he will have the crowd on his home turf.

However, participation by Cookie Jarvis, Charles Hardy, Badlands Booker and Sonya Thomas has complicated efforts to predict a winner. These four IFOCE eaters, plus respected IFOCE circuit vets Tefkac O'Karma and Kevin Lipsitz, all have the chance to place in the money.

Even more top eaters may qualify for this event. It is possible that Don Lerman, Arnie Chapman, Beautiful Brian or Gaseous Maximus could be selected to compete in a wild card round for the final seat.

Most eating fans know that Lerman, a veteran with enormous focus, is especially skilled at wings. Likewise, Chapman and Seiken have the experience and capacity to excel in this discipline. And the malodorous Maximus himself is poised for a major comeback -- Maximus is an eater's eater who has been sorely missed during his recent absence from the circuit. Any one of these gurgitators could challenge Simmons.

So it is anyone's guess what will happen when top-ranked eaters like Booker mount the stage. Hoo-ah!