Chestnut Sets New Record in Myrtle Beach

Today in Myrtle Beach at the Beach, Boogie and BBQ Festival, Joey Chestnut set a new world record in pulled pork BBQ sandwiches. The record was previously set by Sonya Thomas in 2003, when she devoured 23 sandwiches for the win. Four years later, that number was nearly doubled by the incomparable Chestnut with 45 sandwiches in 10 minutes. Pat Bertoletti reportedly led Joey for about 85% of the contest, but in the end, Chestnut's chipmunking ability shot him into the lead.

Joey Chestnut: 45 Sandwiches
Pat Bertoletti: 43.5 Sandwiches
Juliet Lee: 22.5 Sandwiches
Patrick Vandam: 20 Sandwiches
Todd Hennessey: 12.25 Sandwiches
Bill Roth: 10.5 Sandwiches