Road Report: Fairfield

Pat Bertoletti once again proved his astonishing athletic ability today by winning the Ash Creek Saloon World Rib Eating Championship with 6.06 lbs of rib meat in 12 minutes. Joey Chestnut, who until today had not been beaten in the rib discipline, came in second with 5.53 lbs. Bob Shoudt and Eater X rounded out the top four with 4.91 and 4.73 lbs, respectively.

Three seats in the competition were auctioned off for charity, bringing in an extra $675 for the cause.

Full Results:
Bob Shoubt--4.91lbs
Tim X Janus--4.73 lbs
Juliet Lee--3.94 lbs
Mad Greek--3.71lbs
James Rosetti--3.5lbs
Russ Keeler--3.4lbs
Pat Bruss--3.175lbs
Crazy Legs--2.75lbs
Pete Merinecki--2.6lbs
Paul Gorra--2.47 lbs
Jordan Palmer--2.28
Glen Bensey--2.19lbs
Bill Meyers--2.16lbs
The Punisher--1.9 lbs
Mike Springer--1.8lbs
Brian Generous--1.3lbs

Voted BEST RIBS and BBQ in both Ct. Magazine and the Fairfield County Weekly for 9 out of 10 years, Ash Creek has expanded their culinary horizons and are now considered one the best known and most popular dining establishments in Connecticut, serving more than 200,000 people a year.

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