Road Report: Oregon

Joey Chestnut has once again taken the title at the Chinook Winds World Rib Eating Championship. Chestnut has never been beaten in the rib discipline. Coming in second was crowd-favorite Rich "the Locust" LeFevre. Erik Denmark and Jason Erb represented the Pacific Northwest coming in third and fourth, respectively. Brickhouse Braunstein made the trip all the way from Maryland to take fifth, and Carl "the Hungarian Freight Train" Ronto rounded out the top six. Ronto has won the amateur round at Chinook Winds for the past two years and has made a good showing with the pro's each time.

Full Results:
Joey Chestnut - 7.65 lbs
Rich LeFevre - 5.75lbs
Erik Denmark - 4.7lbs
Jason Erb - 3.6lbs
Brickhouse Braunstein - 2.95
Carl Ronto - 2.9