Conti Crowned King of Corn

Jammin' Joe LaRue walked into the arena in West Palm Beach to raucus
cheers. A yellow shirt with the inscription "MLE -- Got Corn?" covered
the enormous frame of this 6'8" champion. A South Florida resident and
corn specialist, LaRue had arrived to defend his sweet-corn eating title
in front of a crowd anticipating nothing less than a record-setting
day. At the end of the 12-minute contest, a new record had indeed been
set, but not by LaRue.

Crazy Legs Conti, a dreadlock-wearing Bohemian from New York -- and arch
rival of LaRue -- took the corn crown by downing 34 3/4 ears of corn
under very tight judging. LaRue placed second with 32 1/4 ears, while
Brian Miller placed third. Chip Simpson placed fourth with a reported
30 ears and Justin Mih and Steven Gotlib tied for fifth. Hall Hunt
placed sixth. The judging was much stricter than in years past, but
most felt it was even-handed and fair.