Wings: IFOCE Eaters Focus on Philly!

"What's up Philly, I got bad news. Too few chews means you gonna loose."

Those might be the rhymes from Badlands Booker as he takes the stage with Charles Hardy, Cookie Jarvis and Kevin Lipsits at WIP's Wing Bowl XII in Philadelphia in January 2004.

Kevin Lipsits was first to qualify for this annual event, scheduled for January 30, 2004. Hardy, Booker and Jarvis followed suit, creating the first real challenge to the dominance of Bill Simmons, the self-proclaimed "El Wingador," three-time winner of the Wing Bowl.

Simmons is undoubtedly a top eater nationally, but he has never competed successfully at this level of competition. Several IFOCE members have competed sporadically in the event, but 2004 will represent the first time that the top-ranked gurgitators have all competed. Will Sonya Thomas be there?

Many Philadelphia area residents are seeking to classify this as a New York/Philly battle, but the truth is that with the IFOCE involved, it is actually a national onslaught of top eaters. Simmons will have to beat the best or retire his crown.