Bertoletti Wins Axia3 Thanksgiving Invitational

Patrick Bertoletti, the #3 ranked gurgitator in the entire world, won the prestigious Axia3 Thanksgiving Invitational today by devouring 4.8 lbs of turkey in 12 minutes. It was a thrilling event, with Sonya Thomas and Bertoletti both gnawing at their turkeys' carcasses before Thomas suffered a shocking disqualification during the final moments.

Commissioner Charles Hardy immediately disqualified Thomas, the first such ruling against her during her stellar competitive eating career.

Said Axia3 President Michael Keller: “Axia3 is proud to have sponsored such a stunning display of athleticism and grace. The inhalation of our forefathers' symbolic bounty reflected a triumph of the human spirit.”

$2,500 in prize money was awarded during the contest, which was held at Artie’s Deli in Manhattan. The final results were as follows:

Patrick Bertoletti: 4.8 lbs
Tim Helen Janus: 3.8 lbs
Arturo Rios: 2.8 lbs
Crazy Legs Conti: 2.38 lbs
Justin Mih: 2.375 lbs
Steak Bellie: 1.80 lbs
Brian Subich: 1.42 lbs