Axia 3 Thanksgiving Invitational

The Axia 3 Thanksgiving Invitational is confirmed for Wednesday, November 22 at Artie's Delicatessen in Manhattan. The event will feature a variety of top competitive eaters, each of whom will face an entire 12-pound roasted turkey.

Sonya Thomas, reigning Thanksgiving Invitational Champ, will be on hand to defend her title against Eater X, Justin Mih, Crazy Legs, Pat Bertoletti, Arturo Rios Grande, Brian Subich, and Steakbellie.

Axia 3, the 100% natural extreme heartburn formula, is sponsoring the event and providing a purse of $2500. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the IFOCE has made a donation to provide hundreds of meals to New Orleans residents in need.

The winner of the contest will be named the extreme gastronome of Thanksgiving, a title first held by Squanto, an Indian of the Pawtuxet tribe who out ate William Bradford at the eating contest that took place at Plymouth Plantation in 1621.

Bradford was the top-ranked gurgitator of his time, and most historians believe he lost to Squanto because he was suffering from chronic heartburn.

"Bradford had eaten an entire pot of venison Fra Diavolo the night before the first Thanksgiving contest," said Ezra Edelman, a historian of some note. "No matter how much I read, I will never understand why he took that chance. Knowing he was facing Squanto and not having a remedy like Axia 3 handy, it's almost as if he threw it as a gesture."