Kobayashi with 97 Krystals

Takeru Kobayashi raised the bar of athletic greatness yet again today, devouring 97 Krystals in 8 minutes in what was arguably the most impressive competitive eating feat of all time. In doing so, Kobayashi defended his title in the Krystal Square Off World Hamburger Eating Championship, which he has held since its inception in 2004.

Joey Chestnut once again challenged Kobayashi until the final seconds, eating 91 Krystals. Patrick Bertoletti finished third with 76. The totals were as follows:

Takeru Kobayashi: 97
Joey Chestnut: 91
Pat Bertoletti: 76
Bob Shoudt: 65
Chip Simpson: 55
Tim Janus: 55
Sonya Thomas: 53
Rich LeFevre: 52
Arturo Rios: 44
Crazy Legs Conti: 42
Seaver Miller: 40
Dale Boone: 38
Justin Mih: 36

$30,000 in prize money was awarded at Krystal Square Off.