Sky City Fry Bread at AZ State Fair

The Arizona State Fair will play host to the Sky City Casino Fry Bread Eating Challenge on Saturday, October 28th.

Major League Eaters including Jed Donahue, Erik the Red, Frank 'Fraggle' Wach and El Toro will compete in this event, which preceeds the Sky City Casino World Posole Eating Championship set for November 18th in Acoma, NM.

Fry bread, a powdered sugar-covered deep fried flat dough, is a favorite among Southwesterners. It is a time-honored treat within Native American culture, often served at home or at gatherings such as traditional pow-wows and state fairs.

Posole is a soup or stew made from hominy, often with pork, chile, and other seasonings. Sky City is famous for its classic rendition of Posole, which has been adopted as the cocina tipica of New Mexico and is sometimes served on Christmas Eve.

In November of 2004, the lovely Carlene LeFevre downed 109.75 ounces of Sky City Casino Posole in 12 minutes to set a world record and beat her husband Rich, who also competed.