Competitve Eating Krystal Style

In an effort to win a Krystal Square Off qualifier outright, Eater X will fly to Memphis for the KSO III event taking place there this Sunday.

Eater X, who consumed 52 ˝ Krystals last week to take second place behind Chip Simpson, is an unlikely entrant considering he’s a near lock for a wild card spot.

“Like Erik the Red and Krazy Kevin, I am not afraid to hit the road on occasion to prove my worth,” said Eater X. “Being a wild card winner would be okay, but I am a warrior and I want to take the stage in Chatty as a legitimate KSO III champion.”

Sunday’s contest is a pretty big deal and Eater X is not the only Major League Eater slated to compete with his feet ten feet off of Beale. Sam Vise, Seaver the Achiever, Hammertime, Steakbellie and the Mad Greek are all making the trip to Memphis.

“This is an incredible line up,” said the IFOCE’s Matt Rizzetta. “Pretty much every player is a star. It’s like the movie The Departed only The Departed is a movie.”

The Mad Greek, who hails from Maryland, ate over 30 Krystals in his first attempt. A rookie, he claims that he didn’t even try dunking and that this time he will. The Mad Greek has boldly put his over/under at 70 Krystals.

While Eater X goes into Memphis the favorite, Sam Vise of Union City, TN could give him a run.

“Vise is a very stealth eater and also a proud son of Tennessee,” said Eater X. “I know precious little about Vise and Tennessee so I will keep him in mind, listening for updates the whole way.”

As a side note, Rich The Locust LeFevre and his charming wife Carlene are on their annual cross-country road trip -- largest ball of twine, etc. Never one to sleep, the Locust will pull off to compete in a two-minute pre-qualifier in Memphis on Saturday afternoon. Should he win, as is expected, he too will be in the hottest Krystal contest to occur in 06.