New Record in Sausage Sandwiches

Today at the New York State Fair, competing on the stage before the epic band, Color Me Badd, Chip Simpson continued on his streak of impressive performances and gained another title. The World Sausage Sandwich Eating Championship was a very close competition, and had everyone in the large crowd on the edge of their seats. Humble Bob Shoudt was right on Chip's heels, with Eater X extremely close behind. Crazy Legs Conti also performed well, claiming 4th place. Gianelli Sausages, a Syracuse mainstay, provided the enormous and challenging sandwiches for the event.

Full Results:
Chip Simpson--13.25 sandwiches, $2000
Humble Bob--13 sandwiches, $1000
Tim Janus--12.5 sandwiches, $750
Crazy Legs Conti--9 sandwiches, $250
Justin Mih--8 sandwiches
William Myers--7.25 sandwiches
Arturo Rios--7 sandwiches
Russ Keeler--6.5 sandwiches
Jim Small-4.5 sandwiches
Michael Lorusso--2 sandwiches
Sierra Lynn Becay--1.75 sandwiches
Marie Kelley--1 sandwich

The sausages themselves were each 1/3 lb, not including the bun.