Bertoletti Celebrates 30 Years of Three Brothers

Over the weekend, Patrick Bertoletti won the Three Brothers Pizza Eating Championship and took home $2,500 for the effort.

Known as Deep Dish for his Chicago origins, Bertoletti traveled to Greenbelt, MD for the event as did Bob Shoudt, Allen Goldstein, Brian Subich and Larry the Legend.

Pat from Bertoletti consumed 19 slices of Three Brothers pizza for the win, and in second place was Chip Simpson with 16.5 slices. Third place went to Humble Bob Shoudt, once the Ursinus College Pizza Champ, who ate 15 slices.

Also in the money was Larry the Legend McNeil who downed 13 slices and went home with $250.

Juliet Lee took home free pizza for a year by eating 11 slices and reminding many in the crowd of an early Sonya Thomas.