Road Report: Fairfield, CT

Joey wins the Ash Creek Baby Back Rib contest with 6.15 pounds of rib meat off the bone in 12 minutes. Chip Simpson places second with 5.80 pounds and Humble Bob took third with 5.05 pounds.

A large crowd of eating fans gathered for the event and cheered as local Lars Anderson handed Joey the Bone-in Rib Wreath that reportedly illuminates the night.

Full Results (minus locals):
Joey Chestnut: 6.15 lbs
Chip Simpson: 5.8 lbs
Bob Shoudt: 5.05 lbs
Eater X: 4.15 lbs
Justin Mih: 4 lbs
Arturo Rios: 3.85 lbs
Chris Abatsas: 3.75 lbs
Pat Philbin: 3.0 lbs
Paul Sakelarides: 2.65 lbs
Russ Keeler: 2.45 lbs
Crazy Legs Conti: 2.4 lbs
William Myers: 2.2 lbs
Brian Seiken: 1.65 lbs