Kobayashi Sets New Johnsonville World Brat-Eating Record

Takeru Kobayashi set a new Johnsonville world bratwurst-eating record on August 5, in Sheboygan, WI, by downing 58 of the world-class brats in 10 minutes.

Joey Chestnut, ranked number 2 in the world among Major League Eaters, placed second with 45 brats and Patrick Bertoletti placed third with 39 brats. Bob Shoudt was right behind Bertoletti with 38.5 and Tim janus consumed 37. Former world champ Sonya Thomas placed sixth with 34.

Prize money broke down as follows

1st Place: $8,000--Takeru Kobayashi (58 brats/10 min)
2nd Place: $4,500--Joey Chestnut (45 brats/10 min)
3rd Place: $2,500--Pat Bertoletti (39 brats/10 min)
4th Place: $1,500--Bob Shoudt (38.5 brats/10 min)
5th Place: $1,000--Tim Janus (37 brats/10 min)
6th Place: $750----Sonya Thomas (34 brats/10 min)
7th Place: $600----Rich LeFevre (31.5 brats/10 min)
8th Place: $500----Crazy Legs Conti (22.25 brats/10 min)
9th Place: $400----Tim Brown (22 brats/10 min)
10th Place: $250---Erik Denmark (15.5 brats/10 min)
11th Place: Frank Wach (15 brats/10 min)
12th Place: Jim Hamrick (13 brats/10 min)
13th Place: El Toro (11 brats/10 min)
14th Place: PJ Kim (10 brats/10 min)
15th Place: Damon Serignet (9 brats/10 min)
16th Place: Tom Denure (6 brats/10 min)

The weather was beautiful and a crowd of more than 4,000 came to Kiwanis Park for the Jaycee's Brat Days to watch the event, which was aired on ESPN2 after a pre-emption by the NFL Hall of Fame induction ceremony. The event will be aired again numerous times. It was originally scheduled to be aired on ESPN proper after the NFL show.