A Game of Horseshoes
7/25/2006 is pleased to present the first-ever horseshoe eating
championship. It will be a 10-minute competition and will occur at the
Illinois State Fair on August 12, 2006.

Just as horseshoes mounted on a door signal good luck, Illinois
horseshoes - two pieces of toast stuffed with ham, French fries and
cheese sauce - signal good eating. While social eaters throughout the
Midwest revere horseshoes for their nutritional content, this regional
treat has yet to be eaten in competition.

"It is not possible for anyone to accurately predict the number of
horseshoes a man can eat in ten minutes. For this reason, it's very
important that we hold this contest," said Rich Shea of the IFOCE.
"With a generous cash prize and history on the line, we expect top
eating talent to compete at the Illinois State Fair on August 12th." has placed a total purse of $4,000 on this Major League Eating^(TM) event, an official stop on the 2006 World Series of
Competitive Eating.