Chip Simpson, Amazing

Chip Simpson underscored the incredible ability of eating's 'young guns' today by eating 38 Nathan's Famous hot dogs and buns in the Mall of America qualifier.

Simpson not only won the contest, but he beat fellow young gun Pat Bertoletti, who went into the event heavily favored. Bertoletti downed an impressive 32 HDBs, but he was a full six off the mark in a qualifying circuit that is proving more and more fantastic by the day.

"I came out here to see big league eating," said Jim Arvidson of Kalamazoo, MI. "I am stunned. Simpson rocked. Bertoletti rocked. The IFOCE has a crop of new talent that is unbelievable."

Chip Simpson will be at Nathan's on July 4 along with Kobayashi, Chestnut, and Sonya. Eating fans now look to Shea Stadium where, tomorrow prior to the Mets Oriole's game, Hungry Charles Hardy's son hopes to upset a rising Bob Shoudt.