Seat Allocation for Johnsonville Brat-Eating Contest

It has been determined that seats for the August 5 Johnsonville Brat-Eating Championship -- which will feature $20,000 in prizes -- will be available in three ways.

Seats will be offered to the five top-ranked eaters in world; five seats will be awarded to the top-five finishers in the June 17 Milwaukee Harley Davidson qualifier, and five seats will be awarded via raffle to those who have applied for the August 5 championship. All those who enter the Milwaukee qualifier are automatically elligible for the raffle if they choose.

The $20,000 in prizes for the qualifier will be broken down as follows: $8,000 for first place; $4,000 for second; $2,000 for third; $1,500 for fourth; $1,000 for fifth; $850 for sixth; $700 for seventh; $600 for eighth; $500 for ninth; $400 for tenth; $250 for eleventh; and $200 for twelfth. (Adjusted slightly--this is final).