Lone Star On The Circuit?

The Chicken Fried Steak Eating Championships recently occurred in Austin, Texas, with tireless competitors Dale Boone and Ed .Cookie. Jarvis in attendance. Newcomer Levi Oliver was also at the event, which was held at the Lone Star Café & Texas Grille.

Boone surprised fans by keeping pace with Jarvis and actually held the lead for a solid portion of the event. Onlookers credit Boone's early dominance to a familiarity with southern cuisine. Jarvis claimed it was his determination to cut the steak into small pieces prior to eating that allowed Boone to beat him out of the gate. The rich gravy ultimately proved too much for Boone, forcing the Atlanta native to his personal Austin City Limits well before the buzzer.

Cookie gets the title: six 11-ounce chicken fried steaks with white gravy in 12 minutes.