Sonya Reigns in Mid Atlantic, Simpson Impresses

Sonya Thomas, the top-ranked eater in America, won the Phillips Seafood Crab Cake Eating Championship in Baltimore today by consuming 46 three ounce cakes in just 10 minutes.

In second place was Pennsylvania's Chip Simpson, who did 39 crab cakes. Philly's Bob Shoudt, who will appear on Emeril's Red Hot Kitchen this Sunday at 8pm, came in third with 38. Eater X, who will also appear on Emeril, was right on Shoudt's heels for fourth place.

"This was a break out performance for Simpson," said IFOCE Commissioner Hungry Charles Hardy. "He grew as an eater today."

On hand to officiate the contest, Hardy strictly enforced his dunking rule. After the event he reported the results to IFOCE h.q. using his mobile telephone.