Sighting: Eater X Scouts Crab

Eater X was spotted today at the Whole Foods Market on 24th Street and Seventh Avenue in Manhattan.

The gurgitator known for his fondness for all things related to the sea, was by the cocktail sauce display carrying on a discussion with the fishmonger. While our source did not overhear the conversation, it seems clear that Eater X was doing a bit of homework in preparation for the Phillips Seafood Crab Cake Eating Championship that will occur in Baltimore this Saturday, April 29.

The contest -- which has attracted many top American eaters including Sonya Thomas, Bob Shoudt, Chip Simpson, Crazy Legs Conti, Brickhouse Braunstein and Mongo Federighi -- will be held at the Bay Cabaret/Main Stage as part of the Volvo Ocean Race at the Baltimore Waterfront Festival at noon on Saturday.

The total purse for the 10-minute, all-you-can-eat event is $2,500. Sonya Thomas, who once ate 40 three-ounce crab cakes in competition, is currently favored to win.