Road Report: Stockton, CA

Joey Chestnut retained his Asparagus Title in Stockton, CA today by beating Sonya Thomas, the former world record holder, in an incredibly close overtime.

In regulation, Thomas and Chestnut tied with six and 1/4 pounds of fried Stockton asparagus. That broke the old record and also forced overtime. Each gurgitator ate over a pound in OT, and the scales showed Joey edged Sonya by two ounces.

Chestnut, a San Jose resident, was the crowd favorite. "He's brought a certain blue collar attitude to the sport, which is refreshing," said Novato's Henry Hautau.

In third place was Rich "The Locust" LeFevre who ate 5 and 1/4 pounds and in fourth was Pat Bertoletti with just under five pounds. Erik The Red of Seattle did four pounds for fifth place.