LeFevre Tops in Huevos Rancheros-Eating Match

Rich LeFevre, a retired CPA who is really just a college kid a heart, won the Huevos Rancheros-Eating Contest in South Padre Island, TX, on Saturday, downing 7 3/4 pounds of the high-protein dish in 10 minutes.

Crazy Legs Conti, the lifelong merry prankster, was along for the ride and ate 4 1/4 pounds of eggs to place second, and fast-rising IFOCE rookie, Eric "The Red" Denmark, placed third with 3 1/4 pounds.

LeFevre's performance, dubbed "huevos-rific" by IFOCE color man Ryan Nerz, set a new world record, easily topping the mark set on Friday by newcomer Bobby Bodea, who was was dubbed "The Bidet" by the crowd in reference to his meticulous personal hygiene.

The events took place amid a crowd of college students on spring break. The students, apparently letting off steam after two grueling months of study, engaged in light-hearted hijinks, and it was reported that at one point a young coed had tatoos on either side of her behind. The IFOCE is investigating whether any statutes from the code of conduct were violated.