There is no instant replay in competitive eating, but speculation over a missing plate at a recent match caused a flurry of tape watching. At the pasta championship at Paesano.s of Little Italy, Cookie Jarvis continued his 2003 juggernaut by beating top eaters including Charles Hardy, Brian Seiken, Rich LeFevre, Crazy Legs Conti and Allan Goldstein.

However, after the event, several eaters claimed that members of the Paesano.s kitchen staff removed, or moved, empty plates during the fray, affecting the final tally. After an initial review, a news team that had a complete record of the entire event, said that Cookie Jarvis consumed seven and one-half pounds in 10 minutes while Rich LeFevre consumed the second largest quantity . six and on-half pounds in 10 minutes.

However, a second review from the very top level of the news outlet, settled much closer to the original count: Cookie 6 1/2 plates; Charles Hardy 5 1/2 plates; Rich LeFevre 5 1/2 plates.

Rich, who is known for his jaw strength and stomach capacity, downed more than a gallon of Stagg Chili in 10 minutes a week prior to the pasta contest to win his second chili championship. Rich favors long contests, but has adapted to the eight- to 12-minute format favored in official events.