Chi Fry Steak-Eating in Austin, TX

The first-ever officially sanctioned Chicken Fried Steak-Eating Competition will take place on November 2nd at the Lone Star Café in Austin. The competition will be part of an entire day of festivities at Lone Star Café, home to Austin.s favorite chicken fried steak for more than 20 years.

Ed .Cookie. Jarvis, the American Hot Dog Eating Champion and a recognized steak-eating specialist, has stated that he.ll fly to Austin for the competition. Jarvis is known far and wide for consuming a 76-ounce steak and side in just over seven minutes.

.Chicken fried steak is an important part of Texas cuisine and we are excited to be recognizing this title,. said Richard Shea, president of the IFOCE. .I strongly encourage aspiring gurgitators to come out to Lone Star Café and challenge Cookie in this contest..

The official competition will be a 10-minute chicken fried steak eating contest. Competitors, who will be required to use utensils, will be presented with multiple hearty Lone Star Café chicken fried steaks with gravy. Who ever completes the most steaks in ten minutes will be presented with the Lone Star Café Belt of Chicken Fried Steak Eating Greatness.

Cookie Jarvis is the pizza, dumpling, ice cream, french fry, Easter dinner, and Buffalo Wing eating champion of the world. Jarvis. eating accomplishments have led to appearances on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, ESPN, the Today Show, and IFOCE programs on Fox, Discovery and the Travel Channel.

.Cookie is a big man with many titles,. said Rick Redmond, proprietor of the Lone Star Café. .I am not sure, however, if he is big enough to take on the proud and hungry Texans that I expect will turn out for this contest..

The IFOCE, which governs the fast growing sport of competitive eating, recognizes select major titles including the Nathan.s Hot Dog Eating Championship in New York City, the Acme Oyster Eating Contest in New Orleans, and the National Buffalo Wing Eating Championship in Buffalo. Members of the eating community desire each of these titles and the bragging rights that come with them.

Prior to the championship event, undercard competitions will be held among local celebrities and business people. Live music will be part of the festivities, which will take place on November 2nd from 1pm to 6pm at the Lone Star Café at 11066 G Pecan Park Blvd. near Lakeline Mall.

For additional information people can visit the Lone Star Café where applications will be made available to those over 18 years of age. Information will also be posted at and Interested parties can also email Organizers will review applications, considering any prior eating accomplishments. Compelling essays on why a competitor should be selected for the contest will also be considered. A total of fifteen individuals will be selected to compete in the Lone Star Café Chicken Fried Steak Eating Championship.