Can Kobayashi be Beaten by a Competitive Eating Rookie?

Never has an eating contest caused such speculation.

The competitive eating community has been talking about newcomer Joey Chestnut ever since the Krystal Square Off Championship on November 19. And fans of all variety have asked the same question: "Can Chestnut actually beat Kobayashi?"

Many believe Chestnut hit the wall seven minutes into the Krystal match and that he had nothing left. This same contingency believes Kobayashi was dogging it, coasting with the confidence of someone who has never been challenged. Only when he realized Chestnut was close did he begin eating in earnest.

But what if Kobayashi was eating to the best of his ability throughout the contest? What if Chestnut really could have eaten more? What if he slowed in the final minute because he neglected to dunk his burger bun?

What if the uninterupted five-year period of eating dominance by Kobayashi could be near an end?

Most competitive eaters shake their heads after pursuing this line of thought, citing the record-breaking string of victories Kobayashi has achieved as he has rewritten eating contest history.

Nah, it could never happen ....