Wild Wild Card

Bubba Yarbrough and Hall Hunt, two high-performing newcomers with something to prove, have best defined the 2005 Krystal circuit and indeed this year's Krystal Wild Card chase.

A 30 Krystal performance in Birmingham had Yarbrough going into this weekend with a tenuous grip on the second wild card slot for the November 19th Krystal Square Off in Chattanooga. Yarbrough, his three allotted qualifiers behind him, slept restlessly Saturday night knowing a talented Hunt was competing in Jacksonville the next day.

Hunt’s first two Krystal performances? A solid 26 in Savannah, a less-impressive 24 in Macon. His third and final qualifying attempt of 30 ¼ fell short as Crazy Legs won with 31. What's more, fractions don’t count on the Krystal circuit but averages do apply.

Yarbrough did 25 in Macon, 27 in Atlanta and 30 in Birmingham – an average of 27+. Hunt posted 24, 26 and 30 in his three qualifiers – an average of 26+. Winner? Bubba.

Still in the lead, Yarbrough is keeping a close eye on the second place finisher at Krystal's final qualifier in Knoxville on November 13th.