Smirnoff Twisted V Wild Grape Title to Jarvis

Cookie Jarvis ate 8.95 pounds of wild grapes in 10 minutes to win today's Smirnoff Twisted V Wild Grape World Grape Eating Championship, which was held at Grand Central Terminal in New York City.

The contest was the main event at the Smirnoff Twisted V Wild Grape Festival, which also featured dancers from AntiGravity!, an all-grape sculpture of the Empire State Building and participation by Steve Schirripa, known to many as TV's Bobby Bacala.

Badlands Booker placed second with 8.9 pounds of grapes and Tim Janus finished third with 7.8 pounds and Bob Shoudt took fourth place. For his winning performance Jarvis took home $2,000. Another $2,000 was shared by the second through fourth place finishers.

“To have this title and win the cash prize is great,” said Jarvis. “But I am also pleased with the wellness. Grapes are an excellent source of potassium and flavonoids -- those are the anti-oxidants that are so important in our diet.”