Verizon VoiceWing Battle in D.C.

Our nation's capitol is gripped with intrigue and speculation today as gurgitators from within the Beltway and beyond ready for tomorrow's Verizon VoiceWing Battle at Union Jack's in Bethesda, MD (12:30pm).

Circuit eaters including Sonya Thomas, Tim Janus, Pat Philbin, and Don Lerman will take on newcomers like Jon Kott and Chip Simpson in the ten minute face off.

This is the final of three qualifiers that lead to the big dance in Boston on November 12th. The current Verizon VoiceWing Battle record is 4.92lbs in regulation, set by Richard LeFevre.

A game of fractions of ounces, each Verizon VoiceWing battle features IFOCE-approved judges from local academic strongholds. Tomorrow's judges are dean's list math majors from the exigent Georgetown University.