New IFOCE Polling Series

The International Federation of Competitive Eating has announced a new polling series, .The American Eaters Poll,. that will explore eating habits and food views among the nation.s top eaters.

The IFOCE runs the Nathan's Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest, The National Buffalo Chicken Wing Eating Contest and the Stagg Chili Eating Contest. The organization counts the world.s best eaters among its members and maintains a list of thousands of serious eating athletes.

The new polling series will explore eating and food subjects among approximately 1,000 of the United States. top eaters. Subjects will include: the stature of mashed potatoes in the Thanksgiving meal, the frequency with which pasta occurs on the regular diet, the number of eggs that comprise the ideal omelet, the best compliment to a beer (cracker, potato chip, cheese curl or peanut?).

.Americans talk incessantly about food, but many of our comments are censored to match the views that are politically correct on a given day,. said George Shea, Chair of the IFOCE. .Our poll will delve into important cultural food truths by compiling the views of America.s true eaters, professional eaters, who make no apologies about their passion for food..

The IFOCE polls, which will begin with the Columbus Day Pasta Poll, will be available for sponsorship. The IFOCE expects to release six or more polls in the first year.

IFOCE eaters are athletes able to consume amazing quantities of food in competition. Sonya Thomas of Virginia, who weighs 106 pounds, recently consumed 65 hardboiled eggs in six minutes and 40 seconds to set a new world record. In addition, she ate 43.5 tacos in 11 minutes at the Zocalo Taco Eating Contest in Grand Central Terminal, beating Cookie Jarvis and Eric Booker, two of the biggest names in the sport.