Hunt Earns Win in NC

Rookie stalwart Hall Hunt of Florida squeaked out a win over Loren Yarbrough at the North Carolina State Fair, eating 20 grilled cheese sandwiches in 10 minutes to take the qualifier and the $1,000 top prize.

Yarbrough placed second with an impressive 19 grilled cheese sandwiches and Frank Wach placed third with 17 1/2 sandwiches. Hunt now has a chance at the $20,000 World Grilled Cheese Sandwich Eating Championship purse.

Prior to the contest a rumor spread through the crowd-filled tent that Yarbrough was lactose intolerant. However, when the eating began Yarbrough ate furiously, feeding his eager mouth with both hands and no visible signs of the painful gas and cramping endured by those unable to digest milk products.

Some later speculated that Yarbrough himself may have started the rumor in a clever attempt to psych out fellow competitors.