Pasta Eating Props Go to Jarvis, Hardy as LeFevre Shows Prowess

The plates were flying at Paesano.s of Little Italy on Monday, October 13th as top eaters competed in the Columbus Day Pasta-Eating Contest. The contest was part of the International Federation of Competitive Eating.s Harvest Series and qualified an eater for the Thanksgiving Meal Invitational.

Cookie Jarvis of Long Island, who holds titles in barbecue ribs, ice cream, cannoli, Russian dumplings and hot dogs, won the match by eating an official 6 2/3 pounds of pasta in 10 minutes. Hungry Charles Hardy finished second while third place went to Beautiful Brian Seiken and Allan Goldstein.

However, during the fray, a certain number of plates were shuffled and the IFOCE went to a film crew covering the event for confirmation of the top finishers. It appears that Rich LeFevre, a resident of Henderson, NV . who ate an astounding 166 ounces of chili (approximately 1 gallons) in 10 minutes to secure the title of chili-eating champion . may actually have consumed two additional plates of pasta, placing him just under Jarvis.

.The Columbus Day Pasta-Eating Contest at Paesano.s of Little Italy is an important stop on the IFOCE circuit,. said George Shea, chairman of the IFOCE. .While there is no instant replay in competitive eating, we must recognize that LeFevre consumed more plates than his official tally recognized..

The 10-minute, all-you-can-eat contest will produce the only officially sanctioned pasta-eating record in the world. The competition pasta, a traditional linguini (number 115), was dressed in Paesano.s family marinara sauce.