Shoudt Eats 29 Krystals, Wins Macon Qualifier

Humble Bob Shoudt, a stalwart on the IFOCE circuit, won an official qualifier of the 2005 Krystal Square Off World Hamburger Eating Championship on Sunday at the Georgia National Fair.

Shoudt who devoured 29 Krystals, faced tough competition from Bubba Yarborough (25 Krystals) and Hall Hunt (24 Krystals).

Shoudt joins an elite field of gurgitors including Sonya Thomas, Badlands Booker, Eater X, Sam Vise, and Rich LeFevre, who have already earned a spot in the Krystal World Championship on November 19 in Chattanooga, TN, where $22,500 in prize money will be on the line. Many believe that Joey Chestnut’s total of 56 Krystals at the Chattannooga, TN qualifier virtually assures him of the wildcard spot.

Shoudt, currently the #11 ranked eater in the world, has posted two impressive victories during the past two months. The peaceful, social vegetarian from Pennsylvania has reportedly begun to attract a small cult-like following of ‘Shoudt-Heads,’ remnants of the counterculture who have been searching for a spiritual icon since Jerry Garcia passed away in 1995.