Wing and a Prayer: Chestnut Takes Seattle

Competitive eating phenom Joey Chestnut continued his meteoric rise to the upper echelons of the sport on Saturday, defeating a talented field of eaters in Seattle, WA to win an official qualifier of the Verizon VoiceWing Battle circuit.

Chestnut ate 4.51 lbs of Buffalo wings in 10 minutes, handily defeating Badlands Booker (3.63 lbs) and Humble Bob Shoudt (3.53 lbs), who finished second and third respectively.

Chestnut, perhaps the greatest debris food eater in the sport right now with recent victories in ribs and wings, will go into the Nov. 12 Verizon VoiceWing Battle World Championship in Boston, MA as one of the favorites.

It is in Boston on Nov. 12 that one IFOCE gurgitator will join the likes of Bird, Brady, and Ortiz as heroes of ‘Title Town.’