LeFevre Takes Texas Square-Off

Rich LeFevre, a Nevada resident who is considered an honorary Texan for his numerous victories in that state, won the Krystal Square-Off at the Texas State Fair by downing 35 Krystals in eight minutes.

The event took place on the main stage before an enormous audience who travelled miles to witness athletic greatness. The crowd knew of LeFevre's Texas exploits, notably his work at the Big Texan, the Corny Dog Eating Contest and the SPAM-eating festival.

Placing second was local Kurtis Wright, who ate 10 Krystals in the first two minutes, then ate 12 more in the remaining six minutes for a total of 22. Levi Oliver, who was received by fans yelling "The Prophet!, The Prophet!," placed third with 21 Krystals.

Levi, in his patented manner, looked off at the distant horizon throughout the event, as if staring at a revelation, or the swine hut.

Carlene LeFevre, vital as always, was on hand to cheer for her husband. She will travel with her husband to Chattanooga for the finals.