Vise Takes Memphis Krystal Qualifier

Sam Vise lived up to his billing on Sunday as perhaps the greatest homegrown Krystal eater of all time, devouring 33 Krystal hamburgers in eight minutes to win an official Krystal qualifier at the Mid-South Fair in Memphis, TN.

Many IFOCE veterans steered clear of the Memphis qualifier, with one comparing eating against Vise on his home turf to playing one-on-one against Shaquille O’Neal in his own driveway.

With his victory, Vise earns a spot in the Nov. 19th Krystal Square Off World Hamburger Eating Championship in Chattanooga, TN, at which $22,500 in prize money will be on the line. He joins an elite field of eaters including Takeru Kobayashi and Sonya Thomas who will be competing for the ultra-prestigious Krystal belt.

In second was Super Dave Connolly with 23 Krystals, while Thomas Petrowski finished third with 20.

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