Eating Contest King? Jarvis Defends Cannoli-Eating Title

Marking his fifth major win in five contests, Cookie Jarvis topped Eric Booker, Dale Boone and a host of other top eaters to win the 2003 Cannoli-Eating Contest at the Feast of the San Gennaro in New York City.s Little Italy. Jarvis, who consumed 21 cannoli to win in 2002, downed 16 1/2 this year. The cannoli were said to be tough by the eaters.

.These were slow cannoli,. said Badlands Booker, who ate 14 cannoli in the six-minute battle. .They were large and the shell was hard to break..

After tossing .Team Jarvis. t-shirts to fans in the crowd, Jarvis settled into a steady pace, using warm coffee to soften the cannoli shells before eating. The size of the cannoli caused murmurs among the audience, some of whom characterized the dessert items prepared by Caffe Roma as .oversized ricotta-based ordinance..

Dale Boone, direct descendent of Daniel Boone, finished third in the eating contest, which also included performances by gurgitators Beautiful Brian Seiken, Crazy Legs Conti and Arnie Chapman.

Cookie.s cannoli win follows first-pace finishes in Russian dumplings, chicken wings, pork ribs and hot dogs.