Bacci Pizza Eating Contest Goes to LeFevre

The second installment of the Bacci World Pizza Eating Championship at Bacci Pizzeria in Schiller Park in Chicago drew big names.

Chicago's best turned up and put in good fight, but just couldn't take down The Locust in the end -- Rich LeFevre took first place and $1,500 by downing 7 1/2 Bacci jumbo slices of pizza in 15 minutes. LeFevre bested Sonya Thomas' world record by a full 1 1/2 slices.

Newcomer Juan Carlos Nunez of Chicago came out of nowhere to win second and $750 by downing five jumbo Bacci slices. Patrick Bertoletti won third and $250 by eating 4 3/4 slices in 15 minutes, and Frank Wach came in fourth and took home a dvd player with 4 1/4 slices -also both from Chicago.

Bacci makes the finest pizza in Chicago, which many food lovers believe to be the finest pizza town in the world.

Established in 1996, Bacci Pizzeria is family owned and operated by the DiDana Family. The original Bacci Pizzeria is located in the heart of Chicago's Little Italy on Taylor Street. Bacci Pizzeria offers homestyle cooking at reasonable prices. The pizza dough and pizza sauce are made fresh daily with only the best ingredients, and of course, Bacci’s very own recipes.