Cookie Jarvis on a Roll

Dominates Rib-Eating Championship at Chinook Winds Casino

Cookie Jarvis, who recently ate 30 hot dogs on July Fourth to finish second to Japanese sensation Takeru Kobayashi in the Nathan's Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest, continued his eating streak by dominating the competition at the Chinook Winds Casino Rib Eating Championship in Lincoln City, Oregon, on July 19, 2003.

Jarvis, reigning Ice Cream Eating Champion (1 Gallon, 9 ounces in 12 minutes), Cannoli Eating Champion (21 Cannolis, 6 minutes) and Dumpling Eating Champion (91 in 8 minutes), walked away with the $1,250 purse and the widely admired bacon-red Pork Rib Belt. Jarvis, Battle of the Buffest champion now holds nine major titles.

Dale Boone, the ninth-ranked eater in the world and current World Pelemeni Eating Champion and World Reindeer Sausage Eating Champion, finished second while Gentleman Joe Menchetti, the eighth-ranked eater in the world and current World Conch Fritter Eating Champion and World Corn-on-the-Cob Eating Champion, placed third. Scott 'Pork Slayer' Sayer and Levi Oliver put in strong performances, as did up-and-coming Ray Meduna of Seattle, the top-ranked eater in the Pacific Northwest who is widely known as 'The Bison.'

"While Jarvis has always been labeled a sweets-specialist, his 30 hot dog performance in Coney Island on July 4th proves his versatility," said George Shea, chairman of the IFOCE. "His dramatic work in the pork discipline cements his position as America's foremost eater."

The two-day eating extravaganza, part of the Chinook Winds' 'Smokin at the Ocean' food festival, featured time trials on Friday, July 18th and the main event on Saturday, July 19th. The Chinook Winds Casino is located at 1777 NW 44th Street in Lincoln City, OR.

The IFOCE, the governing body of stomach-centric sport, recognizes select titles including the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Championship in New York City, the Frank's RedHot Buffalo Wing Eating Championship in Buffalo, and the Acme World Oyster Eating Championship in New Orleans. Members of the eating community desire each of these titles, and the bragging rights they provide. Cookie Jarvis maintains a website on which you can learn more about him.