Bacci World Pizza Championship July 9th

In Chicago on Saturday, July 9, 2005 the second installment of the Bacci World Pizza Eating Championship will take place. Due to the popularity of pizza and Bacci's generous prize package, the contest drew big names in 2004 including Sonya Thomas and Rich and Carlene LeFevre.

Bacci makes the finest pizza in Chicago, which many food lovers believe to be the finest pizza town in the world. Fans and eaters are expected to be watching Chicago closely this year as the Bacci Pizza Championship falls right between the Nathan's Famous event and the Alka Seltzer US Open.

Bacci will be presenting $2500 in total prize money for this event ($1,500 for first place, $750 for second and $250 for third.) In the meantime, there are spots available to compete, and those interested who are 18 years and over can email or call (212) 627-5766 to register.

Established in 1996, Bacci Pizzeria is family owned and operated by the DiDana Family. The original Bacci Pizzeria is located in the heart of Chicago's Little Italy on Taylor Street. Bacci Pizzeria offers homestyle cooking at reasonable prices. The pizza dough and pizza sauce are made fresh daily with only the best ingredients, and of course, Bacci’s very own recipes.