Weekend Gurgitators Buoy Airline Industry

Ed Cookie Jarvis, Jed Donahue, Rich and Carlene LeFevre, Jammin Joe LaRue and Dale 'Mouth of the South' Boone are among the big name eaters criss-crossing the country this weekend to compete in three IFOCE springtime classics.

Jarvis, Donahue and the LeFevres will be vying for the Fried Asparagus title in Stockton California on Saturday, April 23. On the very same day, Dale Boone will battle South Carolinians at the Broadway at the Beach Ultimate Eating Competition, four elimination rounds culminating with ice cream.

Florida’s Jammin' Joe LaRue and Michael 'Per Diem' Parish dream of sweet victory in sweet corn on Sunday in West Palm Beach. To accomplish that dream they'll have to beat a red-eyed Cookie who is flying overnight from California to defend the record he set last year: 33 1/2 ears in 12 minutes.

Booker, Hardy, Thomas, Goldstein, Lerman, Shoudt, Subich, Seiken and others rest. Some time to strategize for the Nathan's Circuit perhaps? That beauty kicks off in under a month.