Thomas Eats 46 Dozen Oysters at Acme

Sonya Thomas shocked the world by smashing her own record of 36 dozen oysters in 10 minutes at the Acme World Oyster Eating Championship in Metairie, LA. Thomas consumed 46 dozen oysters in 10 minutes, then downed six dozen more to take Acme's world endurance record from Boyd Bullot.

The crowd of 2,000, which had assembled to witness Thomas' skill, was overwhelmed when she passed the previous world record with ease. The cheering nearly drowned out the final countdown as she approached the 46 dozen mark.

Badlands Booker placed second with 28 dozen oysters, followed by former world record holder, Crazy Legs Conti, who consumed 20 dozen. Newcomer Patrick Bertoletti ate 19 dozen and Randy Harrison ate 17 dozen.