Sonya Thomas Brady-Like in Barrick Burger Event

The Plaza Hotel's famed nine-pound Barrick Burger was put away by America’s top-ranked eater Sonya Thomas in 48 minutes and 10 seconds. Rich LeFevre took second, Badlands Booker took third and Ron "Hizzoner" Koch secured an impressive fourth. The fair Carlene LeFevre placed fifth, and in sixth place was Philly’s Bob Shoudt. The final cash winner, in seventh place, was Frank Wach. The total prize money for the contest was an impressive $9,000.

Ray “the Bison” Meduna acted expertly as head official judge, and was instrumental in the weighing process. Upon completion of the event, the Bison said: “Sonya showed the poise of Tom Brady and the horse sense of Bill Belichick. The burger was gargantuan, but she showed it a lot of different looks and got it down.”

An amateur contest was held beforehand, featuring the 'miniature' three pound Barrick Burger, and was won by David Stringfield.