Booker Takes Entenmann's Pies Thanksgiving Invitational

Eric Badlands Booker came on strong at Chelsea Market to win the Entenmann's Pies Thanksgiving Invitational, consuming 4 3/8 pumpkin pies in six minutes to beat an all-star team of gurgitators.

Hungry Charles Hardy, building on a string on strong performances, placed second with 3 7/8 pies, while Cookie Jarvis placed third with 3 5/8 pies. Jammin Jor LaRue, Tim Janus, Don Lerman -- all in the three-pie range -- finished right outside the money.

Trailing the pack were Dale Boone, who was unable to continue his dominance in the short game, and Brian Seiken, whose method of eating (squeezing the pies into a mound was disquieting even for the experienced fan.

The pies were light, delicious and fast, but as suspected, the crust made for difficult sledding in a short contest. Entenmann's Pies donated 1,000 pumpkin pies to City Harvest as part of the event.