Change of Date for Harrah

St Louis, already known as one of the nation’s most renowned sports towns, will enhance that reputation on Saturday, Nov. 20, 2004, when the nation’s top competitive eaters converge for the Harrah's Toasted Ravioli Eating Championship Co-Presented By Charlie Gitto's.

The contest will feature $5,000.00 in prize money, to be split up as follows:

First Place: $2,500.00
Second Place: $1,250.00
Third Place: $750.00
Fourth Place: $500.00

Eaters expected to compete include Sonya ‘The Black Widow’ Thomas, the top ranked eater in America.

“Competitive ravioli eating has enjoyed a strong resurgence in both athletic and social circles,” said George Shea, chairman of the IFOCE. “The top finishers in this contest will be revered wherever they go, be it ballpark or buffet line.”

The IFOCE will handle registration. Those interested in competing should email or call 212.627.5766.